Saturday, October 26, 2013

17 More Reasons Why the Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign MUST Succeed

As Michael Jackson fans, our love and respect for the Man in the Mirror is reason enough for us to take on this battle of shutting Murray down in his tracks, but here's 17 MORE reasons why the Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign MUST succeed in stopping this felon from profiting off his crime AND ever regaining a license to practice medicine again!

Murray's 17 Egregious Violations for the standard of care for Propofol:

1. Lack of basic, emergency airway equipment.
2. Lack of MORE ADVANCED, emergency airway equipment.
3. Lack of suction apparatus.
4. Lack of infusion pump.
5. Lack of pulse oximetry.
6. Lack of/failure to use blood pressure cuff.
7. Lack of electrocardiogram.
8. Lack of capnography.
9. Failure to maintain patient-doctor relationship.
10. Failure to continuously monitor the mental status of the patient.
11. Failure to continuously monitor the breathing of the patient.
12. Failure to monitor blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and heart activity.
13. Failure to call 911 immediately.(YES, he waited almost TWO hours before he finally decided to call 911, claiming he couldn't find a home, yet was using the phone to talk to his instrument.)
14. Failure to document and chart onset of procedure.
15. Failure to gain consent for administration of Propofol.
16. Failure to document throughout treatment.
17. Failure to disclose to responding paramedics and ER doctors at UCLA the use of Propofol.

A special thank you to Amy of Justice4MJ for posting this video to youtube!


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  1. If I would see this man face by face,I would ask him this question:" Mr.Murray,imagine,one of your beloved kids would
    die the same way,as Michael Jackson did under your treatment?"
    I try hard not judging him,coz Michael teached me to be straight & honest!
    In my opinion,Murray didn´t show any single responsibility for his crime,maybee he wouldn´t do that after 4 years?!
    Fact is:Michael is dead,& he couldn´t still be alife!
    Fact is,his three children won´t never be compete healed by this trauma!
    Fact is,millions of fans are stll missing Michael so much!
    Fact is further,Murray will not feel free,he is accused by too much fans!
    At lest,he have to pay his prize sooner or later,time didn´t fail in universe!