Friday, October 25, 2013

For Immediate Press Release-Michael Jackson Fans Unite-Tired of Injustice: No Profit for Conrad Murray

We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans. We are uniting out of our respect for Michael Jackson and his legacy.  He was a global superstar and while he should be remembered for his artistry, he should also be remembered for his humanitarianism.  Of equal importance was his love for his own children and his loyal fans.  These are the things an individual like Michael Jackson should be remembered for... not the tragic manner in which he was taken from us.

The man responsible for taking Michael away from his children, family, and fans, Conrad Murray is scheduled to be released from jail in a matter of days. Murray is now a convicted felon, who was put in handcuffs and taken to jail moments after his manslaughter conviction. Michael Jackson’s fans from all over the globe are steadfast in our belief that Conrad Murray should not be allowed to profit from his criminal negligence, which resulted in the death of another human being. A human being beloved by millions all over the world.

We are reaching out to all media outlets, broadcasters, public relations organizations, and publishers, in an attempt to encourage them not to give Murray a platform to profit or exploit the life and/or death of Michael Jackson. Murray has shown absolutely no remorse for his crime and accepts no responsibility for his egregious actions and negligence. Instead, he continues to re-victimize Michael Jackson and his children. Murray continues through his agents and through jail house interviews to shift the blame post-conviction to his victim. In a reckless and thoughtless act, Murray released a taped message to Michael’s daughter, Paris. In this act he has demonstrated his selfishness and heartlessness towards the very child he left orphaned by his criminality.

We are determined to hold any organizations accountable for any/and all partnerships with Murray. If necessary, we will reach out to advertisers, sponsors and community organizations, to prevent Murray from profiting. Murray should not be given any platforms to spread 'his truth' especially since he refused to tell 'his truth' under oath. Our fight for justice for a just man such as Michael knows no limits. We believe that all media outlets should respect the fact that Michael Jackson is no longer here to defend himself against any allegations, and let this man, who millions love and continue to mourn, finally rest in peace.

The undersigned groups have pledged their support to this cause:



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  1. as long as I breathe,I will defend Michael and his family.I ask u what shall this american justice should be?
    for what this 5 months trial ?
    Murray was charged for 4 years,he did a crime,he killed Michael Jackson with an overdose of propophol!
    Until today this rediculopus man show not any resonsibility for what he done!!!!!!!
    It´s a shame and a crime!

  2. Eva I totally am on your side as far as Michael Jackson is concerned. And I am willing to take a stand on this issue. I remember a comment that Murray made, that he very afraid of Michael' fans because he knows he will be hunted down by them. That he also forgets that Michael has millions of fans all over the world so no matter where he goes he will be hunted down. He may try to run but he can't hide forever. He REALLY needs to face the truth in what he did. For he alone is responsible for injected the propohol. And to say that Michael did it. I THINK NOT. He needs to realize what a precious gift is found in Michael and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who truly cares.

  3. When I tried to email you guys my logo, the Mailer Demon says the email I typed in (the one you provided) is invalid. Should I send it through Twitter? Thank you all!

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  5. mjvideos58, the same happens to me with my email.